Yellow Envelopes


Elizabeth Willis Barrett…………….October 2015

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  Life has just whisked me away into one crisis after another as I’m sure it has you.  In fact, life might be so busy that you haven’t even gone to your mail box to see some large yellow envelopes from the Elections Department.  Or maybe you picked them up and stashed them in a “get to later” pile or quickly hid them with all the other mail and stuff on your counter because someone just rang your doorbell and might come into the kitchen.  I, for one, like to pretend that my house is always in order even though it often isn’t.

Well, go get those envelopes right now and open them up.  Time is running out and it has become imperative that we rally together and vote YES for the education of our Gilbert youth.  If you’re waiting to go to the polls to place your very affirmative vote, you’ll wait indefinitely because this is a mail-in only vote and these big yellow envelopes need to be postmarked no later than October 30th.  

As I’ve said before, politics is far from my favorite topic, but I do know the value of good education and Gilbert has been such a great district when it had the support of its people.  Arizona is the 48th State coming into the Union and is ranked about 48th in Education also.  For some reason our legislators do not give education the proper priority and we are nearly last in the nation in per student funding.  WHY??

Perhaps the legislators think that Charter Schools are more efficient.  I’ve already stated my feelings about the vast number of Charter Schools that are popping up everywhere.  Doesn’t seem very efficient to me to scatter meager money in so many different directions.  The Arizona Republic did a fact check and found that Charter Schools spend $1420 per student in administrative costs while the public schools spend $770 per student.  Just a “for instance.”

Since other districts in Arizona have voted for overrides and our district for awhile was run by a naysaying school board that didn’t seem to be in favor of public education even though they were leaders of it, our Gilbert District is way behind.  Being nearly in last place in a State that is nearly in last place isn’t a promising position. Thankfully the voters acted in favor of our Gilbert Unified School District by choosing some new board members who are ready and eager to support and promote public education.  They are for this override which will give our district a chance to catch up.

Sorting through all the confusing data out there is daunting.  Most average voters won’t even try.

Solid, effective, wonderful public schools are vital to a community whether you have children in those schools or not.  Didn’t you go to public schools?  Aren’t you glad that they were sufficiently funded?

If you value education, it is imperative to vote YES on the two voting items in the yellow envelope:  YES for the Bond Approval and YES for the Budget Increase.   Now put it in the mail.  Done!

Oh, one more thing:  please pass this on to all of your friends!