In breaking my writing hiatus, I should probably think of something positive to write about in order to possibly gain back my following.  This has been a season of distraction wherein I have lost sight of my writing goals and lost sight of my readers.  You can’t retain readers if you don’t give them something to read.

But just to get it out of my head, I have a need to write about something that might be controversial to some.  I hope it won’t be offensive.  It might be.  Sorry.  At least it won’t be as controversial as another subject I have been musing on which is School Boards.  I hope I find enough energy to tackle that topic some day.

For now, I want to talk about stripes.  I hope you are all tough and don’t get offended easily but I have to say it:  Stripes have to match! With all these stripy skirts and shirts walking around, the scene would be so much lovelier if the stripes matched.

I know, I am hardly the one to be talking about a fashion faux pas since I make many myself daily. I am rather fashion un-conscious. But maybe if we each spoke out about one or two things that really bug us, the rest of us could become more aware and make some important changes.

When I was doing my student teaching in Orem, Utah, as a Home Ec Ed student, out of all the things I learned from the very kind Home Ec teacher at Lincoln Junior High, the only thing I remember is this:  “When sewing, make sure you always match your stripes.  And never buy an article of clothing if the stripes don’t match.” (I also learned that I never wanted to teach Home Ec which was a little late since I was in my very last semester of college.)

I was in Kohl’s the other day and should have nonchalantly whipped out my phone and taken a picture to show you what I mean.  There were some potentially cute skirts displayed right at the front door where they couldn’t be missed.  Long.  Knit. White and navy blue.  Wide striped.  You see that style everywhere.  And the stripes didn’t match.  They would have been so much cuter if they had.  They were probably cut from an enormous stack of fabric of all different patterns and then whipped together by seamstresses oblivious to equivalency. Prices have to be kept down, of course.  But I have seen the same shoddiness in skirts sold at boutiques.

Look around you sometime.  Pay attention.  Unmatched stripes down the side of a shirt or skirt look like someone didn’t take extra care in putting the piece together.  And unmatched stripes across a hefty backside looks like someone didn’t own a rear view mirror.

This is my own personal and I know, inconsequential, crusade.  Let’s put some effort into matching stripes.  Maybe if we could match in this minor detail we could work up to matching things that really matter—like minds and hearts.


4 comments on “MATCHY, MATCHY

  1. Dana says:

    I recently took apart a skirt (for a grandchild) and put it back together with the stripes matching because I couldn’t stand the mis-match. 🙂 Is it our age?

  2. No, it’s our impeccable taste!

  3. nancy Proffitt says:

    Welcome back! I agree ~ stripes should match!!! PLEASE write something about School Boards ~ GILBERT’S especially. Gilbert is going down the tubes because of this. It breaks my heart. We need to pray that the right people get voted in.

  4. Terrie Powell says:

    It’s good to hear from you again. I have missed you. I agree with you. stripes should match.

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