Lost Again!


Elizabeth Willis Barrett…………..October 29, 2013

After my dedicated catching up marathon with the TV series “Lost,” I made a silent, solemn vow to myself: “Never again!” I gave 86.9 hours of my life to watching Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, John and the rest of them.  I found my face mimicking their expressions and my thoughts wondering what they were up to when they weren’t taking over my television screen.  I took them on vacation tightly wrapped in my iPad as they leeched the battery and the 3G power.  I lap-topped them and googled them and discussed them with friends.  The “Lost” finale was the final convincing that my time had been sorely wasted since it brought more questions than answers.  Therefore my vow.

Then my daughter suggested I get involved with “Revenge.”

“Just watch one episode, Mom,” she urged.

That was like saying, “Just have one Sweet and Salty Caramel Bugle.”  If you’ve never tried them, you must.

In a weak moment of frustration and aversion to whatever I should have been doing at the time, I did watch one episode.  And–suru suru.  (According to writtensound.com, that is the sound of noodles being sucked.) I don’t know how else to express it–I got sucked in!

And now I am following the faux Emily, the faux Amanda and the evil Victoria and Grayson Global. Since I have had to catch up on two entire seasons, I have had to squeeze in the   Hampton happenings in any free moment, of which there aren’t too many.  I haven’t written any essays for my blog, I haven’t done anything to get ready for the inevitable Christmas so I’ve had nothing to report on thechristmasexperiment.com.   I haven’t planned any family gatherings or dug out any overflowing cupboards or drawers in anticipation of the holidays.  My mind is filled with lavish parties that only the extremely wealthy can give and long lost sons and well-kept secrets and fires and accidents and lies and deceit and, of course, blatant murder.  Isn’t revenge lovely?

I really hope that this third season of “Revenge” that I am DVRing is the last season.   Now that I’m caught up, I will only  be able to watch one episode a week.  Painful! I want to hurry and find out if the gun shots Emily receives in numerous previews are fatal.  Of course, that could possibly end the series before the 3rd Season is over which doesn’t usually happen.

I mostly want Emily to finish her terrible revenge project.  She needs to get on to other things.

She and I both.



2 comments on “Lost Again!

  1. Nancy says:

    You crack me up!!!!!!

  2. Dana says:

    I love finding a good series that is OVER so when I begin the end is in sight. 🙂 Hurray for Netflix and Hulu. — I kind of miss books. 😉

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