Elizabeth Willis Barrett

I just finished listening to Dick Cavett’s book: Talk Show which consists of clever essays that he wrote for some magazine.  I should know which magazine, but I must have been multitasking through a stack of papers while I was listening to this captivating book because I don’t recall where the essays came from.

Dick Cavett is an excellent writer.  If I could write like he does, I would have thousands of hits on my blog each day.  I’d ask him for pointers but I think he’s a little too busy to bother with me right now.  If any of you know how to pass this compliment on to him, I wish you would.

In one of the essays Mr. Cavett writes about coincidences.  For instance, once he randomly picked up a book at a book sale, let the book fall open to a very arbitrary spot and started reading.  The page referred to the house he was going to rent for a while and to people connected with that house.  Since he hadn’t looked at the title of the book and the rest of the book didn’t refer to the house or those people, it did seem rather coincidental that he would turn directly to that particular page in that particular book.

I sometimes think that angels are busy making sure we have unique experiences like his, don’t you?  Maybe there are angels that don’t have a lot going on in their realm at times and it makes them happy to make us happy over unusual happenings.

I don’t know if Mr. Cavett’s random reading meant more to him than just an interesting happenstance, but I had a similar experience that had a great effect on me.

I was in an LDS bookstore in Flagstaff, AZ, while Brad was attending meetings at NAU.  I had an idea for a small gift book I wanted to write so I flipped through a couple of gift books to find a style that I could possibly imitate.   As I flipped through the second book, my own name caught my eye.  One’s own name usually does catch one’s eye.  In this book, the author was giving quotes from various people and there was a tiny article I had written for the Ensign Magazine that she was quoting from.  I’ve never seen that book anywhere else.  I’m sure it never made it to a best seller list.  My purchase of it was probably one of only a few.

As they say: “What were the chances?” First, that I’d go to that bookstore.  It is two hours away from Gilbert.  Second, that I’d want to even look at gift books.  And third, that I would flip to the very page that my name was on.  Now when I want to show someone the book and flip to that page, it takes me a while to find it.

It was a great coincidence.  Since I think most things happen to teach us something or help us with something, I squeezed every bit of meaning out of this occurrence that I could.   It was a nice reminder that the Heavens are aware of me and that I should keep on writing.  May you also have sweet coincidences in your life that remind you of those things you need to know.



3 comments on “CHANCES ARE

  1. Nancy says:

    YES, you should keep writing!!!!

  2. Dana says:

    Write, write, write. I love to read what you write!

  3. What great friends! Thanks so much for reading!

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