a MAZING grace



Elizabeth Willis Barrett

There are some things that I think the men of this world, or the women, if they are in charge, should discuss with those of us who are not in charge before major decisions are made.  We have lots to say that could be of benefit to many people.  One involves the efficiency of floor plans.  Another is the complete imbecility of the technology needed to simply watch the news on TV and another has to do with parking.

Every time I go to Trader Joe’s or Michaels on the corner of Gilbert and Baseline, I am perturbed by the parking lot.  It truly is a maze, especially when one enters from the most western entrance off Baseline.  The main complaint I have about it is that when you go down a row looking for a parking space, since you can enter the row from both ends, invariably the empty spaces are on the left while you must park on the right.  The only way to access those spaces on the left is to drive clear around and come into the row the other way, which, if you read my other blog essay entitled “Dumbing It Up,” isn’t always easy.

I think parking rows should all be in one direction. You should be able to drive toward Michaels and park on the left or right or enter a row driving away from Michaels and still be able to park on the left or right.  Do you get what I’m talking about?  Life is confusing enough without this dilemma.

When you park in front of Fry’s, the Powers That Be did it the right way.  You drive toward Fry’s and you can park on the left or right.  You drive away from Fry’s and you can park on the left or right.  Easy!  You have twice as many parking spaces to choose from without switching your direction.  Parking in front of Macy’s is the same.

I know we are each different and the longer I live, the greater seems to be my wandering from society’s mainstream, but I really don’t see any advantage of the two way parking and just had a need to tell someone.

Not that those in charge will listen, but at least I’ve said it!



5 comments on “a MAZING grace

  1. nancy Proffitt says:

    That IS a confusing parking lot!!! I just go towards outside rows and figure I’ll just get a little more exercise and not be so frustrated with the parking 🙂

  2. That’s what I should do, too. I waste too much time trying to get close, but now in the heat I want to be as close to a store as possible. Yay for the mountains! Are you there yet?

    • nancy Proffitt says:

      I have been in the mountains for a week now!!!!! Yesterday was the warmest day … 80 … Still cold at night! Hopefully you get to be here SOON!

  3. Kami Tilby says:

    I avoid that weird angled parking lot as much as possible. If I do miraculously find a spot to park I am completely befuddled when I come back out to find my car moved three rows down from where I’m sure I parked.

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