Greatest Hits

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Elizabeth Willis Barrett

I like goals–something to work toward as I traipse through life.  Of course, there is the huge and ultimate goal of Eternal Life and that sort of thing, but that is way too prodigious (a word used often by Jane Austen) a goal for everyday striving.  I am more comfortable along the lines of: “see if I can clean up the kitchen before the big hand gets on the three” or “learn to sing ‘Ave Maria’ without my voice croaking on the ‘Amen.’”

When I started writing essays and posting them on a blog, I had the goal of 1000 hits in the first year.  I made it.  The next year my goal was to add two more thousand hits.  I made that.  Then three thousand hits was set as a goal and accomplished.  This last year, I wanted 4000 more hits to add to the previous 6000.  That would make 10,000.  Each deadline was set for February 17 which is my birthday.  So as of yesterday I was to have 10,000 hits to my blog.

I changed from blogspot to wordpress and have to add those hits together along with my Christmas blog numbers.  The total comes to 10,340.  Yea!

I know–who cares?  My real goal is to write which I’ve wanted to do all my life.  The hits make me do it.  So thanks for visiting my blogs and helping me get all these words and sentences and paragraphs that are all jumbled up inside out into a somewhat plausible order.  I have lots more I need to write so I’m going for 5000 hits this year.  That should be easy if I would just get my fingers to the keyboard and whip out 100 more essays.

Thanks for the visits.  You’ve been great!






2 comments on “Greatest Hits

  1. nancy Proffitt says:

    Congratulations on reaching your goal and happy belated birthday!!!

  2. Dana says:

    Happy Birthday to you! And what a great example of goal success.

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